Our Clients Speak Out

Don't take our word for how wonderful we are! Our clients say it best.

"With our rapidly growing Law Practice, it was essential to get a handle on our scheduling and communications issues. It was also important that the security and confidentiality of our client records be maintained.

The solutions that M I Solutions designed and implemented have had a dramatic impact on our office productivity allowing us to handle a greater case load. The security features of the system have given us the added measure of assurance we needed to use the system with confidence.

We have found that our M I Solutions representative has been very open and professional in his communications with us and we know we can trust him to put our needs first with the service he provides.

We highly recommend M I Solutions for any information technology project you may be considering."

- Jon D. Rigney, Esq., Attorney at Law
"Thank you so much for your dedication and stick-to-it-ivness in getting this done. I have quickly tried everything and it all seems to work. I appreciate you waiting at my house today and getting this done. I cannot emphasize enough how rare and special your dedication is. Thank you." - James Hoey, Partner, Hoey & Morgan
"I had no idea that over 300 companies were spying on me using hidden tracking applications on my PC. M I Solutions came in and wiped them out; they also got rid of those annoying pop-ups and the crushing number of spam e-mails I was getting. Thanks M I Solutions!" - James Stabile, Owner, North County Trading Company

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere recommendation for your company. On several occasions we have had major problems with our network system and Internet provider. You have always demonstrated the ability to adapt to these assignments and perform with outstanding results in a timely and efficient manner. You consistently display a positive attitude and sound judgment when performing all assignments and are always willing to take on additional tasks and duties to bring our system to operating capabilities. ...your character is one of integrity, honesty and professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years and I highly recommend your company..." - Roxane Dyer, Business Manager, Kiewit Pacific Co.



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M I Solutions is a San Diego based computer consulting and network management company with an organization-wide passion to serve the needs of your business.

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